Egyptian Chronicles: The moon before the supermoon

Monday, November 14, 2016

The moon before the supermoon

After a few hours later today , the world will meet what is believed to be the biggest supermoon sine the 1940s the Earth would witness.
Those photos of the moon were taken in Giza , Egypt Sunday night showing a glowing moon that has not reached its super status yet.
The moon before the supermoon
The moon before the supermoon

The moon before the supermoon
By the way , I feel that I have taken better shots for the full moon in the past. What do you think ? Are those new ones good ?
Wait for the Supermoon inshallah.
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  1. Nice pics ;good luck for the new ones ... will send you some which has been taken near the north pole unimaginably beautiful ...سبحان الله على جمال الطبيعة

  2. Hi would appreciate if you can let us know what time it will appear as a supermoon or what's the best time to observe
    Many thanks


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