Egyptian Chronicles: When Plumbers Speak About Foriegn Policies

Thursday, October 30, 2008

When Plumbers Speak About Foriegn Policies

Poor McCain could not find any celeb figure to support him except the silly duo Heidi and Spencer and thus he had to create his own celeb and he could not find anyone better than Mr.Joe the Plumber !! Joe now speaks in the GOP rallies as if he were a politician or something ,do not misunderstand me I do not have anything against his profession on the contrary but when he comes and says that if Obama is elected ,Israel will be erased or doomed because Iran wants to wipe Israel from the map and Obama wants to sit down with the Iranians,this is a plain crap with my apology !!!!
As an Arab and an Egyptian we know for sure that there is no difference between Obama and McCain , both will kiss the Israel's ass ,it is something well known.
Poor Palin and McCain ,they got nothing to attack Obama with except to rewind what was said from couple of months ago that Obama knew Professor Rashid Khalidi,his former neighbor and friend while he was in Chicago University.The GOP accused Professor Khalidi to be a spokesperson to the PLO !! Yeah it is first time to know that the PLO had a spokesperson in the States !! Yes helping your country people in Madrid Peace Conference considers an association to terrorist Organization !!
Of Course the Professor denied that he was a spokesperson , speaking for the rights of the Palestinian people does not mean he is a spokesperson to the PLO but of course anyone who stands up and speaks for the rights of the Palestinian people then he is a terrorist against Israel !! Khalidi does not hide or deny his position from the conflict in the Middle East and he appeared several times with Charlie Rose speaking about the conflict.
Professor Khalidi by the way had done several studies about the Palestinian people in the West bank and the Gaza stripe funded by GOP organizations associated with McCain himself !!
Now I got a terrible question based upon a fearful assumption what if the Republicans win this election ,Will the Maverick Duo refuse to deal with the Fatah leaders who are all members in the PLO organization and are proud of it because they are terrorists ?? Do they consider Abu Mazen a terrorist ??? If so then can McCain enlighten us and tell us whom he is going to deal with in the Palestinian Issue ?? I do not think that he is going to deal with Hamas!!
So what if Khalidi was a Pro-Palestinian , is defending your people's right is a bad thing now ?? Is the word Palestinian now an equivalent to the word terrorist ?
It is disgusting again we are caught in the middle of the cross fire as Arabs and Muslims.
It is disgusting that the Israeli factor is brought in to the elections as if Israel was the 51st State and the American Voter should care for its security forgetting all his own problems !!
Joe is not the only Plumber in this elections I am afraid ,you got McCain and Palin too !!
I really wish Los Anglos Times to air the video film of Khalidi and Obama together because there is nothing to be ashamed of.
Dear American Voter : Vote For Obama Please.

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  1. Heeey!
    We have tons of those back home. We call them: Taxi drivers!
    I'm sure there will be an entry in Wikipedia with the title: Taxicab/plumber politics. But in all frankness, after Mr Dubya set the bar so low, who is to say that you need to understand politics to be the president of the united states? Expect Joe the Plumber to be running for president in few years!

  2. Yes I know them ,we got them too
    lol @ Joe the Plumber as a president
    You know I read that Palin is putting hopes on 2012 !! Lol

  3. Have no doubt who controls America. The word ‘freedom’ in US political glossary means ‘under Israeli control’. America is a ‘freedom’ loving country, and want to export ‘freedom’ in the Arab world.

    Obama will win Tuesday in a landslide, higher electoral vote than W Bush. And possibly exceeding Clinton record in 1992. But look at his VP: Joe Biden, an ardent Zionist. In todays news, Obama's camp has contacted Rahm Emanuel about being White House Chief of Staff. R Emanuel is a dual Israeli citizen.

    This is not to advocate a vote for McCain, but to hint that Obama is a fresh face for new imperial adventures in the Middle East. Will see if the newcon cabal can sneak behind his façade to enforce there views .

  4. Palin/ Joe the Plumber 2012. I thought about that yesterday actually!
    Well, thanks for an interesting post one more time. My thoughts and yours are similar on this issue. FYI: Israel is the first State, the 50 others follow, and then comes Puerto Rico as 52nd.

  5. @anonymous,nice to know that the White house chief of staff is an Israeli citizen !! as we expected no difference at all regarding Israel.

    @anonymous#2, you welcome , yeah Palin/Joe Plumber 2010 !! Lol at Israel the first state , you are right about that :)

  6. Yes helping your country people in Madrid Peace Conference considers an association to terrorist Organization !Technician


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