Egyptian Chronicles: When the NDPians blog !!??

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

When the NDPians blog !!??

Via Arabawy

What I love in Egypt is that the regime now considers blogging an official opposition activity that should be conquered in a way or another !!

From time to time we find in the Egyptian Blogosphere we find NDPians who blog , usually they do not continue due to the huge attack reception they receive from commenters and other bloggers. Still I believe the blogosphere is vast to include us all with our different views. It is good to know what they teach them in the NDP and what its young members , the future leaders of this country think !!

Here is the latest NDP Blog

The local son of the NDP

I want to comment about his last post about Ibrahim Eissa , I just want to say the character of the President is not a scared personality no one should speak about it for God Sake.

Look how the Americans and French are criticising their presidents !!

Anyhow to whom I am talking to, already this NDP blogger knows how much love the Bloggers feel to the NDP , still he has to know that we are just reflection to what the majority feel in Egypt.

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