Egyptian Chronicles: What if she were an Israeli ??

Thursday, October 30, 2008

What if she were an Israeli ??

Many people yesterday were surprised and shocked to hear the former lawyer of Noha Rushdy attacking her on air on Al-Mahawer's 90 Minutes talk show.
Lawyer Nagla Emam accused Noha of fabricating the case and that it was not a harassment case but only a simple fight and that she fabricated it to be famous. It did not stop at here because Emam continued saying that Noha while in France tried to accuse a French Officer of harassment but failed to prove it in order to get a compensation and that she got the french newspapers to prove that.
If you think that Emam stopped at here ,then you are wrong because Emam was insisting on making Noha the villain of the year saying that She was an Israeli !! Yes she found out Ms. Noha Rushdi's father is from the Arabs 48 and she got  an Israeli passport not to mention she "Noha" thinks Israel is a respectable country with no sexual harassment !! 
Oh there is more Noha as a documentaries director makes bad films documentary about Egypt !!
Now Emam did not leave a single accusation  to accuse Noha with !!
TO be honest I did not watch that confrontation on air last night because I was watching the father of Islam speaking about his son,when he finished I was not in the mood to watch anything at all.
Still I knew through Jaiku that Noha did not lose her temper on the contrary she was in control and answered back all those accusations , yes her father is Palestinian from the Refugees of 1948 not the Arabs 1948 with all her respect to the Arabs 1948 to whom late Mahmoud Darwish belonged to. About France Noha said that if that were true ,where the Egyptian Embassy was from all that !!??
Noha added that she did not make documentary about Egypt in the first place in her life ,she made one about Sudan !!!?
Of course the Newspapers rushed behind the Israeli Passport story just like the Kurdish Jew in the story of the swingers.
About the Israeli Passport
What if she were an Israeli citizen from Palestinian Origin or an Israeli Citizen of Jewish Origin does this derive her the right to seek justice from the one who sexually harass her in Egypt !!?? Did we reach to this level ?? Blame it on the Israelis all the way !!
Emam said that she would appeal from Sherif Gabrial "the convicted with sexual harassment" to prove his innocence.
Now with my all respect I do not find a reason why Noha would do all this ,I mean she did not take any compensation from the man plus there were witnesses in the incident including her friend , why her friend would lie in something like this !!??
Even if she proves that Noha is a liar and Gabrial is innocent , this does not underestimate or undermine the importance of the court rule,this does not underestimate or undermine the public support Noha received.
Already I do not know why Emam suddenly spoke about the matter now despite she had the opportunity during the court itself to save Gabriel if she believes he was totally innocent.
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  1. I think Noha's case was absolutely clear, the man sexually harassed the girl, and many witnesses saw what happened. the case will always be remembered in history as the case that brought some dignity to the Egyptian women specially if the new Anti Harassment rule is approved.

    so when the Stupid Lawyer say that the whole thing was fabricated, she should be trialed for misleading the court in the first case.

    The majority of Egyptian people were hypnotized by the media over the last few decades, they have to wake up and see who is their real enemy,

    Specially the new generation born after October War. what the government did to the Egyptians since 1973 is more horrific and disastrous than what Israel did.

    We (the Egyptians) were the ones who hurt each others, planted drugs (Hashish) and became addicted to it more than any nation on this earth, lived on bribes, and were happy to be just a group of sheep herded by Mr. Big Pilot and his loyal dogs.

    yours sincerely

    Crazy Dog

  2. @Crazy Dog, I think this lawyer is seeking fame by any possible way ,already she forgot that there were witnesses as you mentioned in the case,if she proves to be a liar and insh Allah she will ,she should be punished
    about us ,the Egyptians I think it is in our genes that we give up to our rulers , it is not only the big Pilot , it is across our history

  3. I don't get it, if she thought Noha was lying why did she defend her in the first place. She's a lawyer, did she substantiate any of these accusations using documents? If not then I think this is just a lame trial at attracting fame.

  4. dear Zeinobia,
    thanks for your great blog.
    Noha is a very brave young lady, the day
    of the verdict was one of my bests in Egypt,
    Emam seems to be envy only, especial, she was the
    former lawyer of Noha.

    Hoping there are many,many more Nohas in Egypt,
    and many of this Judge,

    with best regards,



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