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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

UAE blocks Just human

Just human is a popular blog from Emirates
I found out today that UAE suddenly decided to block it for no good reason, I mean I open it and I found nothing deserves to be blocked, there is no porn in it but rather criticism to the social, economic and political affairs in the UAE.
The blogger Just Human has spoken about the economy of his country which will be affected dramaticly because of the international financial crisis and next day his blog was blocked !!
Of course, I am not surprised after all the regime in UAE is an Arabic one that does not accept any criticism from any kind !!
Dubai city must stop that propaganda about their internet city and the freedom of expression in it because there is no use of having internet city with blocked websites !!
Next week the city will host the famous Gitex 2008 and I hope that the UAE delegation shows the world how they block blogs that care for their countries for real !!
And by the way, the economy of the UAE will be affected along with the other Gulf Countries with the international financial crisis.
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  1. Their domain (i.e. is not accessible either. It could be a technical issue or something.

  2. are you sure ?? coz it opens fine with me in three different networks

  3. "Mujarad-Ensan" works fine today. It seems that something went wrong with their main domain/server and it was fixed afterward. It's really useless and stupid to try to block any blogs nowadays as thoughts can no longer be blocked...

  4. It opened for me, but it's all Arabic, which I don't understand. As someone who used to live in the UAE, I can not go through the number of things that are blocked out by their proxy server. That would involve a major blog unto itself.

    As for finances: Several months ago, I read in a western newspaper that Dubai was short on money. My guess is they do not want a rush on the banks, or people pulling out of the real estate market, at this time. Plus, the BCCI scandal still hangs over their heads.

    Everyone has heard, read, and seen photos of the Burj al-arab hotel, no? Well, yes it was started by Dubai, but they ran out of money, and before we left (2002) it was news that Sheikh Zayed paid for all the final bills. Essentially, Abu Dhabi owns the hotel.

    Nuf said. Anything is possible in the UAE. You can live out your dreams, have them censored from you, be deported due to ...(you name it), or just visit. Regardless of it's "reported" riches, it's a benevolent dictatorship.

  5. @Hina Wi Hinak, it is great to know that it works fine at least out UAE ,they do not know that Ideas can't be block,may be they ignored that or may be they pretend that they can control it

    @Vagabondblogger,yes it is all in Arabic , what if it were in English !!?? Sometimes I feel that these regimes fear the Arabic language blogs because they taught other people to criticize in the native language ,all Dubai is using proxies as far as I know
    Dubai my dear friend is another Gulf State in the end ,they can build buildings that can be seen across of another galaxy not the moon but in the end it is in an Arab country based upon dictatorship tribal system
    Sooner or later Dubai will suffer you did not PHD in economics to know that .

  6. Well, the site is blocked in UAE until the moment, the news of the blockage has been propagating around the net; it was published in the website of Reporters without Borders ( and also in the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (

    The full story can be found in this blog :

    It is shame that Arabs fear words that much and we are living in the 21st century.. we will never be able to contribute to the civilization of this word and we are still depriving people from their basic rights.. very shameful..


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