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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Today is her day : Laila

Remember when I told you to wait for her ,well no more wait ,here she comes ladies and gentlemen.
Laila ,the voice of the Arabic not only the Egyptian Bloggeress.
Our beautiful child is now 3 years old and is getting bigger and bigger.
This year there are lots and lots of activities you can participate in even if you are not a blogger ,just a reader.
You can answer this survey and tell us what do you think , if you are girl then please click here and if you are a boy then please click here . We care so much for your opinion.
Wait for more today ;)
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  1. Hello Zeinobia:
    Have you seen this?
    Hopefully, this is spreading the word about your initiative.
    All the best from Peru!

  2. Mucho gracias Gabrila , thank you so so so much ,by the way I really wish to visit your country one day ,I wish to visit Machu Picchu insh Allah
    All the best from Egypt to all the beautiful Lailas in Peru :)

  3. If sometime your wish to visit Peru comes true, just let me know.
    Thanks for sharing with all of us the daily life in your country.


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