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Monday, October 27, 2008

This Is Another Country dear

Yesterday a U.S army helicopter entered the Syrian borders attacking and killing 8 innocent construction workers who did nothing wrong except that they were in Al-Boukamal area near the Iraqi borders !!

Here is the news from SANA and also from Haaretz .

Now can you tell what was this U.S helicopter doing in Syria ?? Did the pilot make a mistake ?? And how can he make a mistake like this ?? This is another country dear , another border or they consider the area of Al-Boukamal an Iraqi area as it was founded by Iraqi immigrants in the 19th century !!??

And this mass murder operation was it part of the plan ?? To kill civilians people including women !!?? But instead of the Iraqis they killed Syrians

I mean I can’t comprehend it because you do not go like that in to another country killing its people and say Sorry dear it is a mistake , a mistake may be when there is a sand storm and you kill one but not when it is clear and you kill 8 people !!??

Does G.W.Bush want to start another war with Syria with very few days in the office so he can make it hard for Obama ??

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