Egyptian Chronicles: Searching for Major Dr. Mohamed

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Searching for Major Dr. Mohamed

I received a comment in the website that made write this post hoping that I will find Dr. Mohamed

1973 Veteran Israeli Mr. Eran Jacoby is searching for Major Dr. Mohamed , Major Doctor Mohamed who took care of Mr. Jacoby after his capture in the southern part of the Suez canal in 1973. Mr. Jacoby was a POW at the Abbassiya military jail in Cairo “first time to know that there was a military jail at Abbassiya”

According to Mr. Jacoby Major then Dr. Mohamed had saved his life twice in that critical time

Read what he has written about him

He always symbolized a kind of hope for better future for both our people because if this man could find the time to stay and comfort me and probably other young wounded soldiers long after his regular working hours in the middle of the war.

He wants to relocate his friend Dr. Mohamed Now.

This story is just a proof on how we treat our POWs , I wish that there were Major Doctor Cohen who would take care of our POWs at Atlit military jail in 1967.

If you have any information that can help in finding Dr. Mohamed then please I beg you to share ,I know it is hard because there were Millions of Dr. Mohamed during that time still it is not impossible to relocate Dr.Mohamed. This may be more important to me than Mr. Jacoby because I want to let the whole world know how we treat our POWs

To 1973 Major then Dr Mohamed thank you for being a real Muslim Egyptian in the time of war.

Share this post please with your relatives and friends especially those who were worked in the military hospitals and contacted with Israeli POWs.

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  1. hello good day Dr. mohhamad.....
    thanks everything that you have done tome


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