Egyptian Chronicles: Sarah Palin in the international museum of women

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sarah Palin in the international museum of women

The international Museum of Women got a very nice exhibition about Women,Power and Politics in various languages including Arabic. Of widgets_image_image_en_26 course this exhibition would not about Women, Power and Politics if it did not talk about Sarah Palin.

There is a special report about Sarah Palin and blogging from around the world  I was honoured that I was featured in it.

Look Yes Sarah Palin is first woman to enter the republican ticket and thus become two steps from the oval office. Still it is not matter about her sex more about her qualifications and whether she fits in that position whether from her country and the world. Already I did not like Hilary but I support Royale in France if you remember her not to mention women like late Benazir Bhutto.

I do not like the attack on Palin as a woman but as a Politician.

Links : International Museum of Women in Wikipedia

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  1. Actually the first woman from the Republican party to run for such a high office, was Elizabeth Dole. She ran for President in 2000. But, let me add, both Sarah and Elizabeth are of the same ilk. Elizabeth might be a bit brighter (just a bit, but not by much.)

  2. But Elizabeth did not make it for the finale like , for sure Dole is much brighter but in the end they are in the same party
    Surely Elizabeth now says what she has and I do not have !!


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