Egyptian Chronicles: The regime should learn from Sister Emmanuelle

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The regime should learn from Sister Emmanuelle

I think that it was first time for me and the most of Egyptians to know the name of Sister Emmanuelle through the foreign media that aired 83353637 the news of her death after very active long life "99 years"
The nun was very active one in charity work across the world. Most Egyptians do not know that this woman came to Egypt in 1970s and started her missionary charity work in the famous area of Al-Zabbalaen "The Garbage collectors area"
Already some Egyptians believed that the Egyptian government should have stopped her work and the work of other missionaries because of the religion conversion process that took place in that area. To be honest I refuse that kind of missionary work that use the need of people to promote a specific religion. But it is not the mistake of Sister Emmanuelle or other similar groups with my all due respect.Sister Emmanuelle lived among those people in the inhuman slums that back in 1970s ,no one ever thought about going and giving help of those people.
Do you know that the Military Order of Malta which is always under attack for its controversial nature "there will be an inquiry about it in the Parliament in the next session" got the biggest Leprosy colony in Egypt ?? Check this interesting report from Egypt Today.Now before the attack starts on the grandchildren of the knights hospitaller Shall I dare and ask where are the roles of the government and the NGOs especially the Islamic NGOs ??
I think we got enough money to rebuild 100,000 Zabbalaen areas with schools,hospitals and clean houses with access to Water and electricity and the proof is all that money we pay to  build exclusive high class communities in the desert !!??
I just want to say something Sister Emmanuelle at least lived years among the "Zabbalaen" area where no official ever thought of paying visit or even knew that people lived in that inhuman condition !!

I wonder why the first ladies "Jihan” and “Suzanne” did not pay visit to that area !!??

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  1. My brother told me that sister Emmanuelle was my kindergarten teacher at the French school in Cairo. I'm not sure it's correct, but she has done great things.

  2. @it is aai , I do not know that she used to teach in a French school in Cairo but she came to Egypt in the beginning of 1970s ,may be before engaging in the charity work in the Zabaleen she used to teach in some French Catholic School in Egypt


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