Egyptian Chronicles: Professor Mustafa El-Sayed endorses Obama

Monday, October 20, 2008

Professor Mustafa El-Sayed endorses Obama

He may have received his medal from G.W Bush , but democrat Egyptian Professor Mustafa El-Sayed is endorsing Obama all the way . Professor Mustafa El-Said said that during his interview last night with Mona El-Shazely,the man seems to understand politics just as he understands science.

Dr.El-Sayed is so nice and sweet ,I really like him.May God bless him for what he had done from giving hope to the cancer patients for finding a cure to their terrible disease through Gold and Nanotechnology ,yeah Gold turned to be more valuable than an accessory.

I Just want to say something ,why on earth Mubarak did not meet with Dr. El-Said , should he get a Nobel Prize so  Mubarak would meet him ??

For God Sake he came to Egypt and the Prime minister only called him on the telephone after Mona El-Shazely’s telephone to the cabinet !!

I am happy that Ain Shams University honoured him along with the Egyptian Research center still this man deserves more than this cold shoulder from the President.

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  1. More respect should be given to our amazing Scientists....they have done alot for us already,and more than alot to be appreciated by every way ..
    but however,i think its already amazing that We r proud of Dr.mostafa el sayed !! myself am lookin forward to being his student :) hopefully.
    he's a great support anyways...and i'll always be proud of him and of Dr. Ahmed zuel..may god bless them !!

  2. God bless the Dr. Mostafa and his team and aid them to further Success on their research.
    Unfortunately, our Middle eastern leaders do not embrace our scientist the way they should be embraced. And it takes a foreign country to grab the opportunity and claim it success before the Arab leaders wake up and smell the coffee.


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