Egyptian Chronicles: Palin-Biden debate

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Palin-Biden debate

First of all I am waiting for SNL sketch on this “here it is” , be ready Tina Fey will play again Palin and guess what Queen Latifa is going to be the VP debate moderator Gwen Ifill.

Second most if not all the Egyptian newspapers spoke about this debate more than the original debate of Obama-McCain. Most of the newspapers consider Biden a winner despite they paid their respect to the strength of Palin, no one can deny that Palin stood against the Congressman veteran more than we expected and imagine. Still all newspapers attacked Palin and Biden saying that there was no much difference between them in kissing Israel’s ass.

This is what I think both were like in bid for proving who will serve Israel the 51 state of the United States of America more , the Zionist Biden or Palin who has the Israeli flag in her office “Already this is the first time I know that a governor in a remote state would have a flag of a foreign country in his/her office !!??”

There is not big surprise here ,of course it is expected but I must highlight some points that astonished me.

I was surprised to find out that the United States and France succeeded in expelling Hezbollah outside of South Lebanon !!?? This is according to Biden the 30 years congressman veteran in foreign affairs !!

Of course he means that United States and France succeeded in expelling the Shiite Party from the South Lebanon in another life in another world !!

The man forgot that the so-democratic government now is made of Hezbollah and 14th of March !!!

Now to the newcomer.

It is first time to know that transferring American Embassy to Jerusalem will help in Peace process and establishing the Palestinian State !! As you can see all their remarks are in the sake of Israel despite their stupidity

Anyhow again the democrats believe that they won that debate and the republicans believe that their Hockey mom won it , the show is on and the whole world is watching especially us.

Part of the middle East especially the Gulf States are watching the elections for the economic reasons especially after the economic crisis , they are the Gulf countries that we will be affected where as us and the rest of the confront countries as they are called watching for the Peace Process ,Iraq,Iran and democratic reforms.

Another thing I heard a very bad rumour that Mubarak and son regime is trying to open direct channels with Obama , if this is true ,then Obama must give them cold face.

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  1. في خلال الثلاثين عاما الماضية تعرضت مصر الى حملة منظمة لنشر ثقافة الهزيمة بين المصريين, فظهرت أمراض اجتماعية خطيرة عانى ومازال يعانى منها خمسة وتسعون بالمئة من هذا الشعب الكادح . فلقد تحولت مصر تدريجيا الى مجتمع الخمسة بالمئه وعدنا بخطى ثابته الى عصر ماقبل الثورة .. بل أسوء بكثير من مرحلة الاقطاع.

    هذه دراسة لمشاكل مصرالرئيسية:

    1- الانفجار السكانى .. وكيف أنها خدعة فيقولون أننا نتكاثر ولايوجد حل وأنها مشكلة مستعصية عن الحل.
    2- مشكلة الدخل القومى .. وكيف يسرقونه ويدعون أن هناك عجزا ولاأمل من خروجنا من مشكلة الديون .
    3- مشكلة تعمير مصر والتى يعيش سكانها على 4% من مساحتها.
    4 - العدالة الاجتماعية .. وأطفال الشوارع والذين يملكون كل شىء .
    5 - ضرورة الاتحاد مع السودان لتوفير الغذاء وحماية الأمن القومى المصر.
    6- الطاقة المتجددة كبديل للطاقة النووية. فالطاقة النووية لها محاذيرها وهذا ماسوف نشرحه بالتفصيل.

    ارجو من كل من يقراء هذا ان يزور ( مقالات ثقافة الهزيمة) فى هذا الرابط:

  2. thanks for link , for sure we became in a situation worse than the one pre-1952


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