Egyptian Chronicles: An Official statement from Princess Farial about the Ex-Queen Statement

Sunday, October 19, 2008

An Official statement from Princess Farial about the Ex-Queen Statement

I expected that Princess Farial would comment on the interview of Ex-Queen and Wife of former King Ahmed Fouad II on Dream TV II  and I knew it won't be that nice because the Princess could not hide her hate to Dominique easily.
Princess Farial called the Al Masry Al Youm and Sent a statement to Ahmed Al Muslamany,the Journalist and the TV Host , as you know Daily Al Masry Al Youm published the whole interview too.
Anyhow Princess Farial proved that Dominique lied about the truth of her marriage , Domnique aka Fadila claimed that she was still the wife of Fouad II and that the news about their divorce were rumors
Here is what Princess Farial said :
  • Fouad II and Fadila were separated in 2002.
  • Fouad II divorced Fadila in Switzerland on the 9th of May 2006 and that was documented in the in Conthey district .
  • Fadila refused that divorced and appealed to the court to cancel it "What kind of a woman she is !!??"
  • The appeal Court refused her appeal on the 26th of September 2006.
  • That court order was confirmed by the Federal Supreme court of Switzerland
  • The divorce in binding since the 18th of August 2008 "some people thought that she was still his wife when the interview was filmed because of the announcement.
  • Dominique or Fadila is no longer the Queen of Egypt and Sudan accordingly.
Farial said that her brother was the one that asked for divorce and that Fadila loved only his title , she accused her of wasting money without any control and that that was the reason why her apartment was taken from her.This makes sense not blaming Mr. and Mrs. Chirac !!
The saddest thing Farial said in her statement was that the offspring of Ahmed Fouad II "Mohamed Ali,Fawzia Latifa and Fakhr El-Din did not see or talk to their father the former king for quite some time now !!
Fawzia and Fakher El-Din did not call their father for more than year and Mohamed Ali has not seen his father since 2006 !! Not a noble act as far as I see where as their father was treated all that time !!
Farial threatened Fadila that she would sue her if she found lies or mistakes in the book Fadila is planning to published about the history of Mohamed Ali Royal Family , the family that seems to expel her.
Now Why did Dominique lie about relationship with Ahmed Fouad II ??
Oh man it seems that the forum King inherited his father bad luck :(
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