Egyptian Chronicles: Not our kind of VIP official’s daughter

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Not our kind of VIP official’s daughter

The daughter of the Israeli Mossad Chief Omer Goldman is jail Omer for 21 days because she refused to serve in the IDF and she also protested against the IDF and the Israeli practices in Gaza. She distributed flyers against the same state her father Meir Dagan serves as the chief of its biggest intelligence services “The Mossad “. All the VIPs daughters in my country don’t appear in protests but they appear in Layalina,Enigma,Insight and Lounge Lifestyle magazines !!

Of course we don’t have daughters like Omer in our country ,the girls of the VIP class ,the ruling class, these girls do not go in protests to open the crossing of Rafah ,they do not go to help other Egyptians and surely they did not stand against their fathers because they are wrong corrupted dictators.

I am not saying that they should go and rebel against their dads but at least they should care about their country and people like Omer not be shallow gossip girl kind !!

It is ironic when the daughter of the Mossad Chief protests for Palestine where as some in Egypt protest for the blue eyes of Mohand !!


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