Egyptian Chronicles: No,it is not going to be okay

Friday, October 10, 2008

No,it is not going to be okay

The ministers are all over the media in TV and press saying that our economy is okay and we won't be affected by the huge international economic crisis despite our economy isn't okay without any huge international economic crisis and we are already affected by it. In 48 hours the Egyptian Stock exchange has lost L.E 150 Billion "Yes with B not M". The government thinks we are children who can be fooled easily despite we're n't.
The government knows very well what they are facing and going to face in the future but they don't want to admit because if they do ,they will have to confess that the Egyptian economy was already weakened by their unsound economic decisions and corruption and that the international economic crisis can be last the straw.
The ministers are calming people that the Egyptian investments in the foreign banks abroad in Europe and in America are not that significant despite we all know that there are billions or even trillions from the Egyptian public money,the money of the people stolen and transferred to foreign banks accounts. This money can be lost forever for God Sake , already I do not know how one day we can ever restore them !!
Even our other income sources tourism and Canal Suez are facing huge challenges.
The Somali pirates can threat the Naval movement in the Red Sea and thus the Suez Canal despite all the repeated denials of the Suez Canal chairman Admiral Ahmed Ali Fadel whom I don't believe because he is repeating them in a way that makes me feel that there is a catastrophe in some way or another !! The Suez Canal will be affected and the way to keep the Suez Canal open with my all respect is to get our navy to get rid of those pirates.

Tourism already in Egypt is facing huge challenges from terrible car accidents to sexual harassment to food poisoning and now tourists abductions !!??
How can we get from this crisis ??
Shall I dare we need a new cabinet ?? sorry a new regime !!??
No, it is not going to be okay and it is enough to hear the calming statements of our lying machines ministers full of hot air. In the end who will pay the price, not them for sure but us ,the citizens ,just like the small investors in the Stock market !!

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  1. just another true egyptian..10/10/2008 11:10:00 PM

    we all know the truth of what's happening in the world, we cant be blinded off by simply words some minester declares on tv...nor can we live in denial..because what those "responsible" people dont get, is that the only way this crisis could be resolved is for the people to understand the problem and work "together" to break it down and find a solution. the egypyian society must not accept that this is how it is...the 80% of our population who had little or nothing to eat everyday, whatever will happen to them??? why are we giving in to all those circumstances, that we fell in because of some other countrie's fowl decion making?..why cant WE create our own circumstances??? one dirives creativity from self inner ironic as it sounds, it might be the solution..if only we decide to do something about it rather then surrendering to the truth we'r living..i think there has to be a way out..and this way out will be a scar on the history's face...and as our ancestors created history, so will we decide which path we'r hitting...

  2. whats happening to the world??..10/10/2008 11:19:00 PM

    if i were the writers...then you could say im running out of words.
    if i were the artists..then you could say im running out of lines.
    if i were the musicians..then you could say im running out of melody.

    if thats so, then im running out of emotion. what is happening to the world??? is it really that hard for once to sit together, put all the side issues away for a moment or two and make a right decion to save us all??? or is our hearts out of all the sentiments..and our minds out of all the reason??

  3. @Just another true Egyptian, my dear I would never agree more on what you say ,we are old enough to make our decision , but when we realize this

    @whats happening to the world, beautiful words in a world that does not have anytime for this beauty and emotion and this is why we suffer now the most


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