Egyptian Chronicles: No Ma’am he is not an Arab, he is a decent Person !!

Friday, October 17, 2008

No Ma’am he is not an Arab, he is a decent Person !!

This is from the McCain Rally , it seems that being an Arab means that you are not a decent person. I understand the fears of Mrs. Gayle that a bad Arab would be the head of the states after all she was fed through out the years by the media that the Arabs are really bad villains !!

In this election I see Muslims and Arabs were insulted a lot in that cross fire between the Republicans and Democrats still it showed us how the average American Joe still fears us thanks to the misconceptions and lies about us , you can’t blame him after all that years of media bias then the 9/11 !!

Still it makes me angry , it makes me feel that being a Muslim Arab is something indecent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes Gayle seems unbalanced woman but the end she is speaking on behalf a considerable segment in the American society that used to rule America for whole 8 years !!

Anyhow you got to watch the SNL take on this !! Obama is not only a Muslin Jer Arab but also 50% Egyptian !! Oh yes baby we hooked up with the Gov’t and we will turn the White House in to a Pyramid :)

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  1. I was really shocked when I saw that rally first on BBC. I couldn't believe my ears- I thought that lady said something else!!
    And the "compassionate" McCain was really ironically spontaneous in saying: "No NO!!"

  2. My dear friend Dr.R
    I am not surprised with Mrs. Gayle ,I remember in South Carolina how the people considered Obama as a Muslim and how the name of Hussein was fearful but what made it worse is the McCain historical answer "No no ma'am he is from a decent family !!??"

  3. Wow , That's really shocking

  4. @mohamed , my dear friend do not be so shocked after all they are neoconservatives


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