Egyptian Chronicles: The Myth of the Egyptian Role in Lebanon

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Myth of the Egyptian Role in Lebanon

I feel angry when I read in the official press the words of "The Egyptian Role in Lebanon" over and over because I know currently we do not have any Leading Role what so ever in Lebanon ,we are just follower to the Saudi and the American Role, that's is.
The problem is that the Mubarak Regime thinks that because the 14th of March leaders from time to time come and meet Mubarak like the the Prince of war Samir Gaegae  yesterday means that we still have that Role they are speaking about it.
Let's face it ,the days of Nasser and his strong Ambassador Abd El-Halim Ghaleb who acted as the Egyptian commissioner in Beirut are over.It is a strange thing because from 50 years ago in 1958 technically the Egyptian Role began in Lebanon after the small civil war that brought the Yankees for the first time to the shores of Lebanon .
Historically from my point of view the Egyptian Role in Lebanon began to disappear in mid 1970s when the Arabs boycotted us in the Arab league , we had a chance ,an excellent chance to play a role there but President Sadat I believe was busy in other stuff including building the country again and negotiating with the Israelis ,may be he did not want to get involved in that war like the Yemen War .
President Sadat had a very wise quote about Lebanon
Take off your hands over Lebanon
Then Mubarak came and Mubarak is not like Nasser nor Sadat , he said it by his own tongue.
Jihad El-Khazan in Al Masry Al Youm interview said that we did not have a role now and this is true. A country like Qatar with my respect not in the side of Egypt by all means has a role more effective than us.
Our problem currently in Lebanon is that we play with one side attacking the other to please American and Saudi Arabia not even because this side is good for us.
The 14th  of March proved to be very big failure by all means in several incidents from the Israeli attack in 2006 and the mini civil war from couple of months and now their major leaders Jumblatt and El-Hariri are meeting with Hezbollah leaders. Still we are insisting to support them despite some of their leaders especially from the Christian Parties were always against us.This is another difference between Nasser and Mubarak , Nasser and even Sadat always chose the wining team ,yet Mubarak is insisting to support those losers , if you want to get rid from the Iranian influence on both Syria and Lebanon then take its role ,make them trust you , work for their and our sake not for America and Israel's sake !!
Omar Karami and Suleiman Frangieh JR were from our allies but we turned them against us and it is not about camp David dears .Frangieh attacks Mubarak  like no other by name in his public speeches now !!
I know that the Lebanon File is in the hands of Omar Soliman but contrary to the Hamas file ,there is no progress at all in it, I do not know why he does not use his charm with the Hezbollah if he is using it effectively with Hamas !!
For sure that our external position in area is affected by our internal affair.It is sad thing because Mubarak took Egypt as a leading country despite the Arab boycott in the late 70s and in the end he turned her to a follower !!
By the way tomorrow there will be a protest in Beirut in front of the Egyptian Embassy because of the Gaza crossing !!
Update : I forgot to mention that Geagea urges Mubarak to help liberate the Shebaa farms !! First of all I am surprised that Dr. Samir considers the farms as Lebanese in the first place ,second whom he is asking !!?? Mubarak can push the Syrians anymore !!
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