Egyptian Chronicles: Mohsen El-Sokary : People sometimes change

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Mohsen El-Sokary : People sometimes change

Dr. Amaged Heikel, a former police officer and current lawyer wrote in today's Al Masry Al Youm a half page about his ex-friend Mohsen El-Sokary.He was El-Sokary’s best friend during the Police academy years.Heikel was shocked to know that his old buddy is accused in Egypt's top crime of the year and that he may get executed .
It seems that the Mohsen he used to know was that Mohsen portrayed in the media.He knew the young Mohsen who was Egypt's champion in Taekwondo,an ambitious young man who wants to be like his father a police officer.
Dr.Heikel has the right to wonder and be shocked , but people actually do change through time and years
Ironically from couple of weeks I met with a dear friend who told me that he knew one of El-Sokary's superior in the anti-terrorism squad,a former Police general . Curious as all of us, he asked him about his student and whether he was capable of killing or rather slaying Suzanne like this.
The man told him that Mohsen can kill her for sure ,he was trained in killing terrorists but this is not how he should do it ,there are many mistakes he made ,still he does not doubt too much that El-Sokary is involved
By the way the trial of the year will start on the 18th of October 2008
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  1. Trial/Crime of the YEAR !
    I would say of the decade/generation/century/history .

  2. not that degree You , we still in the beginning of the century but may be it is the crime of decade, our generation has still even more worse crimes in the way


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