Egyptian Chronicles: The Justification Of A Prince of War

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Justification Of A Prince of War

I saw an interview of Samir Geagea with the Wael Al Abrashi on Dream TV2 this week . Geagae has visited Egypt lately and met for the first time with the President of Egypt , With Mubarak. This visit sparked some criticism in Egypt. The President of Egypt should not meet and shake the hands with a prince of war or rather War Criminal like Geagea. The bloody and black record of Geagae and his Lebanese forces can’t be erased simply with his apology.
Already I feel that the man is not regretting about what he had done in his interview as he was justifying and giving reasons of why he was cooperating with Israel and why some of the Christians of Lebanon trained their forces in Israel.
I do not find any reason or justification for what he had done in the war along with his team. Do not tell me to judge on the circumstances because all what I know that not only the Muslims and Druzes were victims of Geagea but also the other Christian sects that did not approve his political view.
I hate his justification or rather the comparison between the Peace treaty between Egypt and Israel and his relation with the Israelis ,it is different thing totally.
He can justify what he had done from here to eternity but he must know that his enemies like Hezbollah also justify what they are doing currently for the circumstance.
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  1. Nasrallah, Aoun, Jumblatt, Berri and many others have blood on the their hands and are as guilty and fall under the same category, don't they ? we can't be selective. They all turned their guns on their own people and they are war criminals..

  2. @anonymous ,it is true ,this is the Lebanon Swamp , all of them care about their sects and do not give a damn for the Lebanon as a country


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