Egyptian Chronicles: Jordan is a member of that club too

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Jordan is a member of that club too

It is not a big surprise to me after this is an Arab country with not 100% democratic regime
The human rights watch published a report saying that there are torture practice in the Jordanian prisons with the knowledge of the Government
and of course the Jordanian Government refused the HRW dangerous accusations just like another  Arab country.
The HRW should know Prisoners in the Arab world do not have any rights in the first place .
The Arabic Police uses the same tactics in dealing with criminals and political prisoners alike across the Arab world , it is the pleasure of power, the forbidden pleasure of exercising power over other humans.
Of course Political prisoners are got their share from torture more than the criminals , this is well known
I do not know what Queen Rania would say but I know from my experience the Jordanian newspapers will attack HRW and consider this an American Zionist conspiracy against the Unity of Jordan !!
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