Egyptian Chronicles: Jesse,Obama and the Zionists

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Jesse,Obama and the Zionists

Famous American Rev. Jesse Jackson did not hide his feelings towards the Zionists in Evian last week at the first World Policy Forum when he predicted that Obama would end the Zionist control in D.C.

"Zionists who have controlled American policy for decades" remain will lose a great deal of their clout when Barack Obama enters the White House.”

You can read here more about his controversial statements and also his views about Obama and America in Amir Taheri column in New York Post taking in consideration Mr. Taheri’s views towards Israel and the Middle East.

Of course the Obama Campaign had to answer back and deny all that Jackson had any relation with Obama.

Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. is not an adviser to the Obama campaign and is therefore in no position to interpret or share Barack Obama's views on Israel and foreign policy.

By the way Jesse’s son Jesse JR works in Obama Campaign as far as I understand.

Now here is what I think, I share the Rev. his wish that the change Barack will bring to D.C will include a change in the Foreign policies regarding the conflict in the middle East and for the for time since very long time there will be no bias to the Israeli side but facts are facts ; Obama may bring change to different aspects to the American policies but he will not bring any expected change to the conflict of the Middle East . Come on how he would bring a change and end the Zionist control and he took the AIPAC blessing and Joe Biden the Zionist is his VP. Obama can be killed if he tired to mess with the Zionists.

Strangely Jesse defended Obama and cleared him from the Marxism charges they are circulating by the Republican media.

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  1. I suppose a miracle could occur!

    But see article below.

    I agree with you, in my opinion, as far as Palestine (and the Middle East) is concerned it doesn't really matter whether McCain or Obama wins. I am sure that most of these people on the Haaretz list, (see the article), are committed zionists and give 100% support to the zionist colony no matter what.
    That is why the injustice of the Theft of Palestine is almost impossible to resolve and that is the root cause of the creation and continuing existence of this injustice.

    The root cause, in my opinion, is the influence zionism has on Western politics. If that influence did not exist the Theft of Palestine would have never happened.

    The world must neutralise this zionist influence, but unfortunately the Arabs peoples are totally helpless because of their quisling corrupt and cowardly rulers.

    By the way I noticed that one of the commentators on the article in Haaretz said:

    "I imagine that if any Arabic or American newspaper ran the SAME story, there would be howls of outrage about anti-Semitism. Making lists of "influential Jews" is a favorite activity of anti-Semites. Haaretz please stop the hate!" :-)

    Masri Hor

    PS: Keep up the good work your blog is very interesting.

  2. @Masri , first of all thank you
    about the American elections ,well I believe behind the scene there are even more powerful Jews working in this elections behind the scene
    My dear friend we can have an influence if we want too , even the Greeks got a lobby in the States , but we do not !!
    About the comments of Haartez,well believe it is much better than Ynet


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