Egyptian Chronicles: It is Our bank not Yours !!

Monday, October 6, 2008

It is Our bank not Yours !!

Wael Abbas published this rare video for an Israeli solider in Yom Kippur 1973 war.It is very interesting to hear from the other side especially his views about how the Arabs would be encouraged to attack the invincible Holy army after couple of years !! It is also very interesting to see him describing the West bank of Suez Canal as theirs “The Israeli Bank” regardless of the fact it is ours and the security council order No.242.

A blast from the past

A Message to all Egyptians and Syrians; regardless of your views about the leaders and commanders of the 1973 , do not degrade this victory because otherwise you will be doing what that Israeli Solider believed in 1973.

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  1. The solider said 'our bank of the canal" meaning 'our side of the canal".

    Nevertheless, this expression doesn't change the fact that the Israeli flag depicts the star of David between 2 blue lines representing the Euphrates and Nile. Some official Israeli displays shows the flag spread on the map between the 2 rivers. This displays are kept hidden from world view. Both Israelis and US (new-cons) are working for the biblical promise, and satisfied to see the land of Israel is doubled in the first 50 years.

  2. @anonymous , I once saw this map in one book , oh God I wish I remember what it was , I would have posted.The Neocons think it is a holy mission , I do not know but in the past the west wanted the Zionists to stay in the Arab world for political reasons but now it is for religious reasons , this is more harder to fight


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