Egyptian Chronicles: it is no longer in the poor people hospitals but rich people hospitals too !!

Friday, October 24, 2008

it is no longer in the poor people hospitals but rich people hospitals too !!

From two days ago Egyptians were surprised to know that two patients died in an expensive private hospital because of stupid human error of carelessness that should not happen in a hospital like that one.
The hospital is the famous Nile Badrawy Hospital in Maadi Badrawy owned by the famous NDP policies committee  member Dr. Hossam Badrawy , yeah the Hossam Badrawy ,the guy who always appears on TV channels and newpapers to speak about the achievements of the NDP and the reforms that party will lead , this guy by the way from the Neo-guards and close friends to Gamal Mubarak.
Two persons including a healthy 16 years old died because of a carelessness error in his hospital thanks to a malfunction in the oxygen tanks in the Operation room and incentive care !!  Three person would have died in the same way if they were not rescued at the right time !!
The health ministry had to close the operation room and the incentive care of the famous hospital for the time being , Badrawy is no longer the influential politician , the NDP Party sent a very important message in the Hisham Talaat Mustafa case “No more protection for sinners”
To be honest I was shocked when I knew what happened in the Nile Badrawy because in the month  of August my mom had an operation there and it was a serious one , thank God she came out of fine , I had confidence in the hospital and I recommend it to my friend , after reading what happened to those two patients I felt that my mom was lucky and I thank God for that and told her you must thank God.
I do not know if the families of the two victims who died in that hospital will sue them or not , surely the wealthy parent of the the 16 years old kid helped a lot to bring the case in to the media but as that sad father said on Cairo Today’s show.
“What about the poor people in the public hospital !!??”
The scandals of the hospitals in Egypt did not stop here ,it has just started , forget about the Badrawy hospital scandal because it is nothing compared what happened in the the Police hospital in Agouza , the Police hospital follows the interior ministry.
There is a news published in Al Dostor newspaper that there is a radiation leak in the hospital that caused Cancerous tumors, 12 people suffered from these tumors including two nurses who got breast cancer last month. The administration of the hospital tried to keep it in secret but in vain.The source of the radiation leak is said to be in the heart section ,the pharmacy and the IC room.For your information in that building that there is a nuclear scans room .The newspaper is reporting that there were nuclear experts who scanned that building. It seems that leak was for months and that beside the stuff may be there was some kind of increase death rates in the heart section for diseases not related to heart diseases, this is my assumption.
Now personally my mom’s cousin “ a veteran police general” who died last month was in the heart section ,he used to suffer from heart problems and frequently went there , he entered the hospital in the beginning of Ramadan for heart and lungs problem,it was not a serious problem that can kill on the contrary the doctors put hopes that he will return back home after two weeks but the condition was not getting any better but on contrary it was getting worse and the doctors did not know why ,one day a doctor told his sister that she thought he may have a tumor but did not know where and that the following day they would have new tests to be sure.Next day he died and it turned that there was a cancer tumor that all doctors were surprised to find it , his body could not handle any all those diseases  , heart disease that affected his lungs and a tumor in his body. Today we told his sister who is already divested and she believed he could have died because of this leak , of course we can’t be sure 100%. Egyptian people do not like to go and inquire in such stuff after death , it is like a wound you do not open also they know that their inquiry will hit a wall in the end.I think I am doing here what I think is my role to raise the topic.
Still people should demand an investigation ,we should change this culture of silence and defeat , yes we believe that death and its timing are written before our birth but it is our duty to stop this carelessness ,huge carelessness because we will be asked in front of God about this.
I really respect the father of the 16 years old teenager who died in Nile Badrawy because he did not give up , yes his position helped  him to do so but look how many people were survived with what he had done.
Updates : The interior ministry has denied the news and said that the Police hospital is fine and that they did not hide anything and the proof is the Nile Badrawy Hospital !! with my all due respect Nile Badrawy despite being private hospital still it follows the health ministry not the interior ministry according to my humble information !!
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  1. Thanks for bringing this topic. It is really a serious problem in Egypt. I'm a native Egyptain but living in Europe and spend as a medical student about four month in a public hospital in Egypt. What I have seen in only four montht could fill a book. I don't want to compare public hospitals in Egypt with those in Europe. Every society is dealing with different problems. But the situation in Egypt must change. I can only speak about what I have seen in public hospitals, I've never been to a private one. What are the main problems? Bad working conditions for doctors and nurses, no hygiene, bad organisation, lack of money to provide what is needed and rudeness ( I always thought there is a certain level of respectfulness, especially in a muslim society but I turned out to be completely wrong)
    I met a lot of brilliant people who are willing and tyring to change the situation. But without the help of society and politics this won't be able. I hope there are not more dead patients needed to let the responsible people begin to reorganise the health care system in Egypt. I really could go on and on, as this topic is very important for me and should be for every Egyptain. Thanks for reading.

  2. Conditions are getting worse ever single day in Egypt. It is good that such things become visible to the public these days and let us hope that the corrupt roots of a lot of problems will vanish soon from the ground.

    Gladly your mother came out safe from the hospital and I am sorry for your uncle! Such mistakes that could be prevented should be sentenced with a high punishment.

  3. @Menna , you put your hands on the causes of the main problems in the health sector ,the bad working conditions ,hygiene, rudeness and bad organization thanks to corruption ,there is real supervisory .
    The private hospitals of course are much better than the public hospitals which are considered from hell
    Minister Hatem El-Gabali every month goes on an inspection tour on the public hospitals in the governorates and each time he goes and sees that he witnesses some place not a hospital , I want to tell then where is the ministry role !!?

    @Medsha,the problems seems not to end ,they are so many in every single sector in Egypt but I will not lose hope


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