Egyptian Chronicles: It evolved to in Turkey

Saturday, October 25, 2008

It evolved to in Turkey

I have just known that domains are all blocked in Turkey just like thank to creationist Adnan Oktar. With my all due respect did someone told the judge that not all the blogs in and are with evolution theory and against Creationism and Oktar ??

Did someone told the judge that not all the blogs in and are speaking about that matter !!??

With my all respect I am Muslim blogger who believe in the Islamic creationism as part of her belief yet I am blocked in Turkey just like millions of bloggers like me.

Banning websites and whole domains won’t cancel evolution theory I am afraid ,this is plain stupid and wrong with my all due respect to the judge !!

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  1. YAAAAY awesome! I'm glad they blocked them from Turkey, maybe spam will go down a little bit!
    Yeah, I say, Blogger, Wordpress and everyone else, should ban Turkey from accessing any blog around the world

  2. @Qwaider ,lol @Spam , about your suggestion, well it is a good one and I think Mr.Oktar will welcome it
    I am waiting for him to go after Typepad ,vox and live spaces blogs soon insh Allah

  3. Youtube is also completely blocked in Turkey. I think it was because anyone made a video about Atatuerk. Well I hope this "wave of blocking everything" will not reach Egypt.

  4. @anonymous ,yeah I remember that some greeks published something offensive about Atatuerk and that this is why it was blocked, it is sad thing for sure
    in Egypt that option I think does not exist no longer ,we passed this stage ,still our regime can't be trusted


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