Egyptian Chronicles: The Israeli blunders in 1973

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Israeli blunders in 1973

Of course you may have heard about these declassified documents who show the Israeli Blunders in 1973 :). I am happy and I will not hide it because I got sick from the Israeli propaganda that they won in 1973 and how we were crazy enough to dare and think in fighting the invincible army of the middle east !!
The Israeli generals underestimated us after the defeat of 1967 and thought we would never think in attacking them again. Regardless of what side you are in that conflict ,it is a deadly sin in wars to underestimate your enemy.

Of course to be honest the Egyptian side deceived the Israeli side perfectly and made them think we would never attack them, the commandership in 1973 or even before it since 1967 played on the Israeli ego perfectly.It was like big hot balloon we  provided with big hot air and then a big clip is inserted to it ..big bang !! And we were the ones who inserted that big clip ;)

Still I have to admit that I like the Israelis laws which declassify the secret documents after certain numbers of years because this is a history people should know in order to learn from their mistakes.

Hopefully one day we will have as public the access to those classified files in Egypt and oh God they are so many !!

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