Egyptian Chronicles: I still believe it is too late

Thursday, October 30, 2008

I still believe it is too late

There was tiny news published in almost all Egyptian newspapers in the last two days that Mubarak or rather Omar Soliman sent his deputy general Omar Qenawy to meet with President Michel Soliman of Lebanon. General Qenawy the deputy of the Egyptian intelligence delivered a message to the President of Lebanon.

I do not know if Cairo sent Qenawy because his boss Omar Soliman was responsible for the Lebanese file “Yes it is not a FM duty anymore just like Palestinian file !!” or because Mubarak as official story goes on wanted to send his security warnings to Soliman and thought that the man would believed from the mouth of an intelligence hank ranked officer than from his FM !!!

Qenawy did not come to Lebanon to meet the President only after all he is not the absolute ruler of Lebanon unlike Mubarak in Egypt , Qenawy met all the three presidents in Lebanon : The President,The Prime Minister and the Speaker of the Parliament , he also met the leaders of the major parties especially the Christian parties that used to hate us.This visit came after the historical visit of Lebanon War Prince Gaegae :(

The big surprise that made Tel Aviv really angry was that Qenawy went to Beirut and with him an invitation to Hezbollah to visit Cairo , I do not if it included El Cid* or not ,well I do not think so ,but may be in the future but again he won’t go to Cairo and we know why !!

Cairo really wants to revive its lost role in Lebanon , again it is mission impossible  and you know why because you are not strong as you used to be in the past ,because you are not strong from inside. Still it is good to try.

“El-Cid” is Spanish word means the master or El-Sayyid which is the title of Hassan Nasrallah in Lebanon  ;) In fact El-Cid is a national hero in Spain.

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