Egyptian Chronicles: I did not expect to see her there.

Friday, October 24, 2008

I did not expect to see her there.

To be honest  I did not expect seeing Egypt’s first lady Suzanne Mubarak at the funeral of Sister Emmanuelle in France. Suzanne Suzanne and Chirac Mubarak attended the funeral service at the Notre dame cathedral along with other VIP guests from Presidents of France and other from all over the world as you can see.

It is nice move but I want to say something ,where was Suzanne Mubarak in the last 27 years from those poor people in Zabaleen area ??

Where is she from that terrible poor area ?? or she depends only the missionary charity work of the catholic churches ??

Strangely no official newspaper spoke about the life of Sister Emmanuelle and what she had done in Egypt , I do not know if it was for fear it would open a door of lots questions or what .Anyhow they will have to highlight it now after the first lady tribute to the late nun.

Suzanne in Notre Dame

Does the first lady know that there are lots of documentaries about the Zabaleen area in the world attacking the Egyptian government and sometimes the Egyptian Muslim population of deliberately forgetting about that area !!??

Another question did Jihan El-Sadat attend the funeral too ??

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  1. This visit is only for the publicity, especially for the publicity abroad. Shake some important hands, make a serious face for the cameras. Now she has some nice pictures to send them around the world to let everyone think, how much she cares. It's just a selfish move.

  2. She at least knew that the sister existed and helped the people over there. Now let us hope that Susan will take her work over and continue the job at the Zaballeen area! (Which is doubtful to be honest.)

  3. @menna, I agree on what you said , she cares only about Publicity outside no more no less

    @Medsha ,she knew because she wanted some publicity abroad only , of course she won't continue the sister job at the Zaballeen for 26 years she did noting why she will do anything now !!??


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