Egyptian Chronicles: He should be on the top of the list

Thursday, October 9, 2008

He should be on the top of the list

Enigma high class lifestyle magazine published a list of Egypt's most powerful men sorry from businessmen.The fancy magazine did a horrible mistake in their printed edition that may cost Minister Rashid his position as the minister  of commerce and industry . Rashid who enigma oct cover was the cover man of the magazine was on the top of the list where Gamal Mubarak was the third ,of course in the online edition Gamal was on the top of the list ;)
You know Rashid seems to me will leave the cabinet sooner or later for clashing with EZZ
You may remember the rumours of his resignation in the summer
Rashid is not a bad minister , on the contrary I think the businessman managed to earn the respect of people in Egypt .
Of course this is another reason why he should be out from the next cabinet .It is rule in Egypt to get rid from all the real successful and popular ministers and the names are many.

Of course we all remember when Insight chose Gamal as Cairo sexist !!

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