Egyptian Chronicles: He did not accept an invitation to the holy land so he can accept this invitation.

Friday, October 24, 2008

He did not accept an invitation to the holy land so he can accept this invitation.

The Israeli press is speaking about so called an invitation from Mubarak to Hassan Nasrallah to meet him in Cairo . Of course Cairo  and Hezbollah did not comment.
But I won’t be surprised if it turned to be true because Egypt is trying to restore her position in Lebanon but it is in vain for the reasons I mentioned before most importantly we are no longer leaders but rather followers.
Even if Mubarak had invited Nasrallah and it would not be the first time ,do you think that Nasrallah would have accepted the invitation and came to Cairo by air or by sea so the Israelis would hunt him down !!??
Come on people this man refused in 2006 an invitation from the King of Saudi Arabia to pilgrimage in the Holy Land for fear that he would be assassinated in his way to Mecca , some people will say that he is coward ,may be the Sid is but do you know that his assassination can drag the whole region to war and believe me there are crazy people in Israel and in the American administration that won’t give damn for the consequences.
It is good thing that Mubarak is trying to connect with Hezbollah ,I do not know if it is too late or not but let’s remember Hassan Nasrallah and Walid Jumblatt are now friends !! Kameel Shamon used to hate Egypt and Nasser and now his son is always invited in the Egyptian Embassy parties and cocktails in Beirut.
For sure the start of the diplomatic relations with Syria and that calming situation in Beirut somehow play an important role here. Hopefully one day Mubarak will invite Bashar Al-Assad soon.
Update : Cairo has denied inviting Nassarallah to Egypt 
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  1. Zainab,
    Believe it or not, the number of people who wants to have Nasallah killed in Saudi Arabia are much more than the ones in USA and Israel. Ironic! , isn't it ?

  2. It is not ironic ,it is sorrowful thing :(


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