Egyptian Chronicles: Gamal Mubarak : The Non smoker

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Gamal Mubarak : The Non smoker

Gamal Mubarak spoke yesterday about smoking and addiction in one of the public meetings of the NDP. He said that he hates smoking because he is a sportsman and that he wants people to quit smoking. That's why the prices of cigarettes of Egypt were raised !!?? I did not think that this decision was taken for health and social concerns !!
Anyhow the rest of the meeting GM and NDP Co. Kept speaking about addiction and youth ...etc
Now this is the first time an official in the NDP speaks about smoking like this , most of the NDPians are smokers including those who are in the policies committee and the cabinet ,it is not a bad thing to speak about this matter , smoking is bad habit by all measures but I wonder if he is doing it for publicity and impressing the west.
Or he is imitating Obama who confessed that he was a smoker and wanted to quiet that bad habit ??
The news of his rejection to smoking and war on addiction were the headlines of the newspapers in a very silly way
Well it is not about smoker or non smoker , here we are not in a restaurant I am afraid,we are speaking about politics here
After from the political view Obama is better 100 times than GM
Obama may be is a smoker but his wife wears from JC Penny not from Ellie Saab !!
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  1. Wow! Now that Gamal is a non-smoker, then he got my future vote! If he can be politically as good as pipe-smoking Anwar El-Sadat, which I doubt because Sadat was a political mastermind, then Gamal could be good for the Egyptians.

  2. Smoker or non-smoker , he will not get my vote, I mean his father is non smoker too as far as I know does this make him a good president or politican

  3. I didn't get my sarcasm I believe.. I have to say it is unwise for Gamal to try to promote himself by saying he's a non-smoker, being in a developing country with the majority being smokers.


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