Egyptian Chronicles: The first session in the trial of the year

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The first session in the trial of the year

Ok You wanted and you got the first photos from the trial of the year in Egypt : The trial of Suzanne Tamim’s murder.

For the first time we see Mohsen El-Sokary face to face and the first time to see Hisham Talaat Mustafa behind the bars. The trial strangely was held in the court room where President Sadat’s famous Amin Othman trial was held in the South Cairo court.

Anyhow Police forces were there as usual more than usual , trying to make it hard for hundreds of local and international journalists and 83335381 reporters who were trying to cover the trial , I expected this. The interior ministry even spread her undercover detectives wearing civilian clothes around the accused Hisham and Mohsen so it would be hard for the photographers to take snap shots , of course it is not that hard and here  you are ladies and Gents the photos of Hisham ,Mohsen and the trial from AFP’s reporters Cris Bouroncle and Khaled Desouki.

Let’s start with Mohsen , it is first time to see him face to face83335272 He looks for sure thinner than his older photos , the look of hate and anger in his eyes can’t be forgotten,he is real angry , I do not know if he is angry because he is innocent or because he believed he would get away from it and that ‘s he could the scapegoat in that trial !!

Now to our construction tycoon who is expected to speak in the coming weeks in some conference  in KSA !! I don’t how but the Saudis are still putting his name  in that website , either they know in advance he will get away from the trail or that he would give his lecture through the video conference from his 5 Stars cell in the Torah farm prison !!

83334928 This is his public appearance after his arrest ,the last time we saw him in  was in TV with Amr Adib in Ramadan. He also looks thinner83335345.

Both El-Sokary and Mustafa denied the charges and plead not guilty .The lawyers of Mustafa said that if he was proven to be  guilty ,he would stay 20 years in jail , this is the first time his teams of lawyers headed by Farid Al-Dib speak of that. The lawyers of Sokary were more Pessimistic ,they spoke about death penalty for both of them.

Now here is the Judge of the trial of the year : Judge Al-83334932 Mohammadi Qunsuwa. keep his name in your mind very well because anything can happen to that man just like late Judge El-Ashamawy who suddenly died in strange circumstance while he was heading  the infamous trial of NDP tycoon Hani Sorror !!

Now here are some remarks I would like to say after seeing the photos of the trial.

83334925 The box you see in front of Judge Qunsuwa is the box of evidences from Dubai !! Yes it is !! should not the evidence be put in some plastic container !!??


Why are there dogs inspecting around the court ?? Is this a normal procedure or the interior ministry received a threat call that some fan of late Suzanne is going to bomb the court to get rid from Mohsen and Hisham who killed the love of his life !!??

83335791 This is not a trial of a national leader but rather the trial of Suzanne Tamim murders !!

and in the end here is the procession of the accused

83335795 Hisham and Mohsen are in different prisons as far as I know.

In the end the trial was adjourned to the next 15th of November, I think Hisham will miss that conference in KSA.

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  1. This trial is making World headlines so it will be interesting to see how it is conducted on such a global scale. I don't believe most people are familiar with the problems with the court system in Egypt. I guess it will determine whether law or money runs the judicial system

  2. Thank you for the photo presentation. If the trial is public why they do not broadcast it on a TV channel and make it easy for everybody to watch?

    That box is not the one that contains the evidences. That box has inside it a pair of shoes shipped to the judge from Bata

  3. Did you see that video?

  4. @untreatable, you got be kidding after all the trials we had this particular became world wide fame , what about the trial of the murder of 1035 persons ??
    The court system in Egypt I think depends on the Judge
    well we see as you say it whether law or politics or money runs the judicial system

    @He and She , I am going to discuss this point soon insh Allah
    lol about the box
    I will be damned ,it is on the CNN !!


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