Egyptian Chronicles: Fadila on TV

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fadila on TV

This is what I think during and after seeing the Fadila interview on Dream TV 2.
          • Nice glass bottle of whisky behind Al-Muslamany in Fadila’s apartment.
  • It is noticeable that she is justified why she speaks French despite it is understandable , where there King Ahmed Fouad’s did not justify why he was speaking French with Ricardo Karam.
  • Stressing on the fact that they “Fouad,Fadila and their children” are practicing Muslims.
  • She showed some photos for her children ,they are nice.
  • Insisting that she is Ahmed Fouad’s wife !!!
  • First time to know that Charles de Gaulle was a friend to Farouk !!
  • Where is her marriage ring ??
  • If she loved her mother in law Queen Nariman ,then why she did not attend her funeral  same thing for her kids.
  • How she understands "the Sabhia” in French !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Why someone would take her palace alike apartment !!
  • If she was a close friend to the Moroccan Royal family ,why they did not help her to restore her apartment especially that King Hassan II was a very close friend to Chirac that the later stood and received the guests in his funeral by himself in a scene I can’t forget.
  • Chirac is a bad guy then why his wife Bernadette is brought in to the subject !!??
  • Why was she arrested for real in 2004 ?? May be it is just a bad debt case , she did not pay her debts for Société Générale and her guarantee was her apartment !! This is what logic says
  • Chirac is bad guy and the former CEO of Société Générale Daniel Bouton is also a bad guy but what brought Mrs. Bouton to the whole affair . By the way Mr. Bouton is facing money laundry charges in France currently
  • Her body language shows that she is hiding something concerning this arrest , I am sorry folks my Egyptian x-files mind believes there is something fishy about that year , hopefully someone French tells me more about it or may I will dig more .
  • Is she promoting for her book !!??
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  1. Dear Zenobia,
    You got it, she is promotin her Book to come, she may be think she will make money, but none of us will buy it.
    As for Ex president Chirac he is a very Decent man Madame Chirac as well, I had e-mail correspondance with him, I am adherent of his party UMP, and he is very helpfull when you ask him for help.He helped me to save my commerce. Sometimes people lack good manners when they ask for help that's why no body help them.
    Nabil Gohary

  2. @Dear Nabil ,this is why I am surprised when I heard her attack on Chirac , he is the Arabs' friend
    well after Princess Farial statement I doubt that anyone will trust her again


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