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Saturday, October 25, 2008

An Eye for An Eye; A rumour for A rumour

There was a rumour circulating in the Arabic Media that there was an attempt to assassinate the Mossad Chief Mier Dagan in his visit to Meir Dagan Jordan on the 12th  October. Omer’s father seems to survive  some sort of an attack. Of course the Israelis denied despite he was there according to DEBKA
As far as I read it is not known who is the responsible for the alleged attack , after all you got many people in the Arab world who want to kill the chief of the Mossad , no of course for personal reasons. It is a daring act for sure it were true.
Anyhow this Wednesday I found a front page News @ Al Arabiya saying that Hassan Nasrallah from couple of weeks was poisoned by a chemical substance in Lebanon and a team of 15 doctors from Tehran came immediately in an Iranian Military Chopper from 4 days in Beirut international airport ,that team was transferred by Hezbollah so it can save its leader. Hezbollah has officially denied this and considered it a rumour .
Anyhow both men are kicking but there are many questions in my mind .
The timing between each rumour or even incident is very interesting. If We consider them real , did Hezbollah tried to kill Dagan in Amman and so Israel tried to get Nasrallah in return ??  Of course we should not forget that Nasrallah is on the head of Israel list men should be killed any time any place what ever the expenses are. I won’t be surprised to know that they are trying to kill him right now. I wish that in case of Hassan Nasrallah this would be a rumour. If he speaks on TV soon on air ,that would be great.
Anyhow if those turned to be real rumours than we are in front of rumours war between Israel and Hezbollah.
The source of the Dagan story or rumour is the Jordanian media where as in the story or rumour of  Nasrallah’s poisoning is an Iraqi e-newspaper called “Al Malaf” which I have never about before this , in fact the website became famous after spreading this story that made headlines in major news channels like Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya and major news sites like Elaph. “Al Malaf” is insisting that it story is real and it is saying that its correspondent is being followed by Hezbollah for leaking the story to the world !!
Anyhow as I said this won’t change anything from the real truth that many people in the Arab world want to kill the chief of the Mossad and Israel wants to kill Hezbollah chief , this is not a rumour ,it is well known fact.
Updates: Today Al Manar TV aired an interview with Hassan Nasrallah himself denying the rumour of being poisoning, the man considered it a part of the psychological war from Israel against his country.
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  1. أظن الخبرين ليس لهما اساس من الصحة!

    وبعدين بظنك اسرائيل عارفه مكان نصر الله وتستطيع الايقاع به وكانت منتظره فقط ان يحاول اغتيال داغان لتشرع في تسميمه، اعتقد هذه نظرية بعيدة جدا وغير واقعية!

    لكن اصدقك لما تلقيت خبر شائعة اغتيال داغان فكرت سريعا بحزب الله ولو كانت ضربته هذه حقيقية لجاءت لإسرائيل في مقتل لكن ربما في مرة اخرى تكون الضربة صادقة!

  2. يا محمد لا تستبعد اى شىء فى الحرب دى
    او فى الصراع ده
    هى حرب شائعات
    من الدرجة الاولى
    انا منتظرة الرد الفعلى لحزب الله على اغتيال مغنية و اظنه ان سيكون فى اسرائيل نفسها


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