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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ex-Queen interview

The first interview of former King Ahmed Fouad II ex-wife Fadila /Dominique with an Egyptian TV Channel is going to be aired tonight on Dream TV2 @ Al Tab'a Al Ola . Al Masry Al Youm published it in a very stupid move the whole interview as spoiler ,I mean why to watch the interview if you can read the whole interview in the Newspaper !!?? "It is in Arabic". Could not they have waited to tomorrow ??
Now to my surprise Dominique claimed that her divorce was a rumour !! And that she was still the former King's wife and so she is still the Queen technically. Despite it was well known and announced that the former King and his wife were divorced in one very ugly divorce that made him sick for years and get treatment in Switzerland where he is living , of course if Muslamany was bold enough,he would have asked her why her husband is living in Country and she is living in another country.
It was even announced that the Saudi Royal Family invited the former king and his sister to the Holy Land after cold years with Ahmed Fouad II for his marriage from Dominique,that was published in Al Masry Al Youm too  .The Saudis accordingly disapproved the marriage because Dominique is originally a Jew and thus her children will be Israelis despite she converted to Islam ,of course this is very big debatable subject. Strangely I remember Fadila made an interview with Al-Sharq Al Awast from couple of years saying that the Saudi Family did not abondon them one day , along with th Moroccan Royal Family , I remember this very well because as far as I understand the Moroccan Royal Family contrary to the Saudi Royal Family had no direct relations with the Egyptian Royal Family ,also their relations with Nasser were very strong.I will be honest there is something wrong here.
Former Princess Farial didn't hide her hate to the Fadila at all in all her TV interviews
Still Fadila did not say in the interview one ill word against her former husband and the father of her children ,on the contrary she defended him.
Fadila said that she and her children were living in very hard condition despite according to my knowledge she took everything from Ahmed Fouad in the divorce.
Fadila said other surprises beside accusing Chirac and the CEO of SG bank of plotting to get her and her children Parisian apartment ,she praised Sarkozy , oh yes the first French woman to say something good in his favour !!
She also said that Fouad II did not hate Nasser as he appeared with Ricardo , he defended Nasser justifiying this a sort of diplomacy !!
Insh Allah I will get her video soon.
I am waiting to know the former King's opinion.
By the way the TV Host Ahmed El-Muslamany is a Nasserite.
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  1. Mahmoud Roushdy10/17/2008 10:14:00 AM

    All your remarks are 100% true
    And why Jack Chirack was that much aggressive with her , we know him (tres gentis)

  2. @Mahmoud Roushdy , this is what I am saying , he is the friend of the Arabs


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