Egyptian Chronicles: Does Ahmed Fouad II have a spokesperosn now ??

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Does Ahmed Fouad II have a spokesperosn now ??

Today in Rosa Al Youssef Daily I think I found a strange news saying that the spokesperson of King Ahmed Fouad II denied the claims of Fadila or Dominque that she was still the Wife of the king !!?? The spokesperson of King Ahmed Fouad II according to the short news is Dr. Maged Farag ,the Egyptian Royal Family famous researcher , collector and the owner of Mohamed Ali Country Club.
I have never known that Dr.Farag was the spokesperson of the former King in Egypt , I mean Ahmed Fouad does not need a spokesperson in the end he is not a politician nor a leader from any kind ,he is a normal person living in Europe carrying extraordinary title as the last King of Egypt from the Mohamed Ali Royal Family , nothing more ,nothing less !!
Ahmed Fouad II seems to me very modest person to have a spokesperson and issue Royal Statement "oh yes some yellow newspaper said that he was planning to return Monarchy to Egypt and the proof was the statement he issued !! They considered it a Royal one despite it was clear that it was a correction statement any person will issue.
I do not know why Farag speaks on behalf of Ahmed Fouad if the sister of the later and he himself contact with the Press directly !!??
Ahmed Fouad II contacted Ahmed Al Muslamany himself and told him that there was no relation between him and Fadila for 11 years till now and that he has not seen his kids for years "I was so sad to know that"
By the way I respect the way Al Muslamany spoke about the former King despite it was well known that Al Muslamany is a Nasserite.
Please check the comment left by Dr.Maged Farag
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  1. This is to inform you that I am NOT the spokeperson of King Fouad II or anyone else.

    I was simply requested by the family to issue a statement to clarify the situation and that is what I did.

    Thank you

    Maged Farag

  2. @Dr.Maged Farag,thanks for clearifying the matter but I hope that you contact the press because they portrayed as if Ahmed Fouad II had a spokesperson
    Thanks again Dr. Farag


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