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Friday, October 3, 2008

Bill Maher’s Religulious

Bill Maher, the famous American Comedian TV host for sure will cause a lot of buzz sorry a lot of noise in the world with his coming documentary “Religulious”.

It is from the title you can understand that Maher wants to cause a lot of stir ,it is mix between Religion or Religious and Ridiculous. That documentary can take an Oscar in 2009 according to some critics.

Maher is well known for his views against Organized religions and he does not deny it on the contrary he promotes it publicly and that documentary is the latest way in promoting it. He says that he believe in God as a deist but I highly doubt it from the mockery he showed in the trailer in the documentary.

All religions are under his fire from the monotheistic religions to paganism to Satanism and alien religious cults.

The documentary can be interesting and informative but describing people of having neurological diseases because they believe  in something is really ridiculous because then you are not following the simple principles of democracy and freedom of expression to respect others’ believes.

Islam and Muslims got their share , Maher in the trailer hosted two gay Muslim activists and that is just the start.

I think the one who is going to watch this film knows exactly that it will be biased to what Maher believes.

To tell you the truth I would like to watch this film regardless of what I believe.

Here is the trailer

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  1. I was invited to the screening but couldn't make it because it was Eid. Too bad..
    Anyway, I like Bill's comedy even when he makes fun of everything .. it doesn't matter :) He's really good

  2. Hello Zenib,

    I am also looking forward to watch that movie. It is important for us to remember the difference between Islam on one side and other "current" religions on the other side. I am say "current" because those religions are not really what they are supposed to be originally. A good example is that Buddha never said that he was born from White elephant however some buddhists think he was born from a white elephant! So here you have a philosphical "religion" which advocates some beautiful coneepts that was turned into magic (e.g. children born to while elephants). So if Maher chose to make fun of the white elephant story, then I do not blame him.

    It important to remember what was written by الشيخ محمد الغزالي:

    يري الشيخ محمد الغزالي أن الحضارة لاتبني بخصام الكون وتجاهل قوانينه‏,‏ ويستحيل في رأيه أن تقود حضارة اسلامية تخاصم الكون وتجهل مفاتيحه أو تخاصم الانسان وتجافي فطرته‏

    إن من يملك صفرا في شئون الدنيا لن يكون إلا صفرا في شئون الآخرة‏,‏ لأن الدنيا مزرعة الآخرة‏.‏

    ‏ وقد وقعت عداوة دامية بين العلم والكنيسة جعلت العلماء يعتقدون أن الدين مرادف للجهالة والجمود‏.‏

    هذا الموقف الذي اجتازته المسيحية لم يقع مثله في الاسلام‏,‏ لم يقف الاسلام يوما واحدا ضد العلم أو التقدم العلمي‏..‏ والمطلوب الآن اقناع المسلمين بأنهم بغير العلم في الدنيا لايستطيعون بعث حضارتهم
    وبناءها من جديد‏.‏

  3. @Qwaider, he can be funny but he should not attack people like this,yes there are some crazy people in the world but not to this degree

    @Egyptian in USA , it is not about science and knowledge here ,it is about the idea of religion, Maher will talk not only about the white elephants but also he talk about Islam in a way I think it will make many Muslims angry ,I am not against discussing the religion idea in general or Islam in specific but you do it in another way then mockery


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