Egyptian Chronicles: Al website is hacked by Shiites

Friday, October 10, 2008

Al website is hacked by Shiites

You read it right. The official website of Al Arabiya Website ,the number one gossip and sectarian division is being hacked by Shiite hackers. The Shiite hackers are promising that this would not be the last website to be hacked if the attacks on the Shiite websites did image not stop.

Of course this started with the Youssef Al–Karadawy attack on the Shiite sect and followed by the Sunni hacking attack on the Religious Shiite websites.

I know that Al Arabiya Website from the top websites in flaming sectarian division with its provoking sectarian reports and sectarian comments. But to be hacked like this ??

Already I do not know to whom this message is to , to the Saudis as the owners of the channels or the readers.

Also that Israeli flag, I think that it is referring that the Channel is collaborating with Israel.

Now the Al Arabiya channel will turn it in to an aggression against Freedom of expression despite their website deserves to be down , but in this way.

This is not good for sure ,this will widen the gap for sure. This cyber war can turn in to a real war in the ground . I do not know how and when it will stop.

By the way Shia in English is Shiite

Updates : 1- The website was rehacked again by Saudi Hackers !! I think it is a game now !!

2- The Shiite Hackers hacked it again !!

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  1. Do you think the Zionists are doing this to make sure Muslims keep fighting with muslims?

  2. dumb asses! lol!

  3. Arabs are stupid! my God!

  4. Zeinobia, Shia is perfectly acceptable in English.

  5. @anonymous#1, no I do not think so

    @anonymous#2, which one ?? the first hackers or the second hackers !!

    @anonymous#3,well it is no longer an Arab thing I am afraid

    @anonymous#4, thanks I thought it was only Shiite

  6. I think it is good that everyone will still attack and blame the Jews. Everyone knows that Jews cause all of the problems in the Middle East and otherwise no Muslim would ever kill another Muslim (like sectarian violence in Baghdad and Lebanon, Saddam's attacks on the Kurds, Iraq's invasion of Kuwait, Black September in Jordan, Palestinian civil strife, etc.).

  7. shia 4 ever the saudi zionst are at the end of the rope may you wake up one day and find them no more

  8. @thinker, I do not know my dear if it is the Jews or ourselves to blame , if it were the Jews then why we give them a chance.

    @Shia anonymous,the Saudis are not Zionist for God Sake


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